Coach Lining

Coach Purple Lining

Coach Purple Lining

Check the lining on signature Coach handbags. If the outside of the handbag has the CC pattern, the lining will NOT have any pattern. Signature linings are used by Coach, but only in bags with solid-colored exteriors.

You will NEVER see a bag with the CC pattern on the outside AND the inside – this is a sure sign of a counterfeit bag. Also, the “classic favorites” style bags do not have a lining at all. But Legacy handbags all have the same multi-colored striped “veritable” silk lining, regardless of what the

Coach Stripes Lining

Coach Stripes Lining

outside color or pattern is.

Always check the bag for a lining. Leaving the lining out of a bag is an easy way to cut costs when manufacturing a replica bag.


3 comments on “Coach Lining

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  2. Cynthia says:

    Don’t forget factory or outlet legacy bags – don’t those often have plain (not striped) lining?

  3. authenticcoachhandbags says:

    Yes Cynthia you are right, there are legacy handbags that are made just for Coach Factory Outlets but their price tag says “COACH FACTORY”. Small differences might be noticed and they do this to test out new products before sending them on the market but they are as same quality as the others.

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