Coach Handbags a Victim of the Recession

recessionCoach is now planning to provide its iconic handbags at lower prices. Coach also will slow the pace of its share-repurchase program. Recession where effecting all section of the society, fashion market and top handbag industries like Coach are also into clutches. The company reported that bag sales fell 6% across all channels in North America.

Coach is reducing prices 10% to 15% for handbags and small leather goods that it is stocking on shelves, said Chief Executive Lew Frankfort in a call with analysts after the retailer posted a 14% drop in fiscal second-quarter net income amid weak sales and margins. The goal is to sell Coach handbags below $300 by working with vendors to produce the same quality, but bring down costs and pass that savings along to consumers.

Coach will now make more affordable purses by reducing its making cost but not at the stake of the quality. “What we want to do is become even more affordable than we have been,” Chief Executive Lew Frankfort said.


One comment on “Coach Handbags a Victim of the Recession

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